Top 50 albums of 2019: Number Two

2: Fews – Into Red

I can’t begin to describe how close this came to being album of the year. It literally could have been on the toss of a coin but just because it sits at number two don’t let that detract from the brilliance of Into Red.

This is the second album from Swedish/US post-punk group FEWS, following their impressive debut Means. This time around, there is a greater sophistication to the band’s sound. The guitars are notably beefier than the sometimes jangly, knock-me-down-with-a-feather variety on the first. They’ve also fully embraced the shoegaze/wall of sound philosophy on many tracks, which reverb fans will adore.

The level of song quality is consistently high across this album and if they continue to develop their sound in the way they have, album number three could be immense.

I doubt this album will be in many top 50 lists this year, which is a crying shame in my view. A much under-rated band that should exposed to a wider audience.

Listen on Spotify

 Drum roll please for the number one spot


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