Top 50 albums of 2019: Number One

1: Pip Blom – Boat

It’s the catchy indie pop of the debut album from Dutch four piece Pip Blom that takes the top slot in The Album Review’s top albums of 2019. Despite it being a little lighter in style for my generally beefier tastes in music, Boat’s charms are simply irresistible.

Opener Daddy Issues sets the standard for bury-its-way-into-your-head riffs and lyrics that the rest of the album successfully follows up on. Stick it on your headphones/earbuds now. I dare you not to be nodding along within 30 seconds, I double dare you motherfucker.

Other highlights from the album include the insomnia-inducing catchiness of Tired and the hypnotic chug of Tinfoil, but to be honest it’s all utterly fabulous. It’s the one album from this year that I can put on anywhere and someone will pipe up with ‘Who’s this? It’s really good!’.

I’ve seen this band twice now and their on-stage enthusiasm is as infectious as their music. They have the potential to be big, they just need a growing fanbase and a few people championing their cause. So here I am, shouting out loud to you. Listen to Boat, listen to it now, you won’t regret it.

Listen on Spotify

 Here’s the full run down from 50 to 1


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