Album review: Modeselektor – Who Else

Modeselektor - Who Else album cover

I’ve been waiting some time now to review a decent techno record where I can fully regress to my rave days. Modeselektor happily provided the opportunity and I’m most appreciative.

Who Else isn’t quite a full out techno album, there are other elements of electronic influence in there, from house, to some crazy jungle beats, and even a bit of grime thanks to some excellent collaboration pieces.

This also falls occassionally into the ‘experimental’ side of things. Fentanyl, for instance, uses a fractured and disjointed bassline that makes it a tricky one to dance to but also difficult to digest if you’re sitting at home.

But the album does hark back to the heydays of rave. There’s some classic arpeggiator action on opener One United Power and some very familiar ‘rave’ synths kicking off on I Am Your God.

WMF Love Song is another tune that draws heavily on the echoes of hard house and is built for the dancefloor, while Wake Me Up When It’s Over has overtones of Orbital in the synths before the jungle madness begins in earnest.

It’s probably the collaborations that work best on this album. Wealth, with Flohio, injects a touch of grime into proceedings, backed by some Leftfield-style synth work. Top track is probably Who, featuring Tommy Cash, that borrows from more recent EDM but is firmly rooted through its acidy organs in early techno and dance culture.

Not my album of the week, due to a few tracks that fell short of the mark, but very close.

Release date: 22 February 2019

Rating: 7.5/10

Standout track: Who

For fans of:

  • Leftfield
  • Four Tet
  • The Field

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2018 Music Review – September

A couple of my old favourites made an appearance in September. Firstly rave veterans Orbital produced another solid piece after reforming for the second time. Still not close to the absolute genius that is the Brown Album, but then again what is?

The kind of loops The Field also returned for a fifth slice of perfectly pitched, slow building ambient dance tracks that lull you into a trace-like state without you even realising it.

Other notable releases include Low, with their 18th album taking them in a new direction while simultaneously turning out to be one of their best. Leeds-based Menace Beach combination of indie and 60’s beach rock also impressed.

However it was Canadian alt-rock group Dilly Dally who tickled my fancy the most in September, with a strong slab of indie-pop and grunge coupled with the gravelly vocals of Katie Monk. Very nice indeed.

Top 10 September 2018

1: Dilly Dally – Heaven

Standout track: I Feel Free

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2: Low – Double Negative

Standout track: Disarray

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3: Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sounds

Standout track: Hypnotiser Keeps the Ball Rolling

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4: The Field – Infinite Moment

Standout track: Divide Now

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5: Gazelle Twin – Pastoral

Standout track: Better in My Day

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6: Orbital – Monsters Exist

Standout track: There Will Come a Time (feat. Prof. Brian Cox)

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7: Black Honey – Black Honey

Standout track: I Only Hurt the Ones I Love

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8: Beak> – >>>

Standout track: Allé Sauvage

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9: Chris Liebing – Burn Slow

Standout track: And All Went Dark (feat. Polly Scattergood)

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10: Bob Moses – Battle Lines

Standout track: Battle Lines

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