Top 50 albums of 2019: Number Four

4: Underworld – Drift Series 1

Yet another of the classic 90s dance acts enjoying a particularly purple patch. And when your creative juices are really flowing, why limit yourself to a traditional album? Instead Karl Hyde and Rick Smith from Underworld committed themselves to producing a piece of work every week for a year, putting it online for their eager followers to consume.

Drift Series 1 is the culmination of that incredible achievement, and despite the pressured timelines they placed on themselves they have delivered music that at times is on a par with their very best work.

All versions of Underworld are on display here in this 7 CD, 1 Blu-ray box set. Dancefloor-fillers, jazzy dub, poetry-filled soundscapes, ambient electronica and screaming acid-techno bangers. There is a sampler version available on vinyl but it misses out on so many quality tunes that I would advise setting the time aside a ploughing through the whole bally lot.

‘Quality over quantity’ the old saying goes. Underworld have just proven that you can do both.

Listen on Spotify


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