Top 50 albums of 2019: Number Five

5: The Chemical Brothers – No Geography

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, a.k.a The Chemical Brothers have been producing fantastic electronic dance music since the early 90s but rarely have they achieved the giddy heights that took them to superstardom in their heyday. Yet, with No Geography they have produced an album of consistently high quality tracks to rival anything they’ve done since Surrender 20 years ago.

From the disco stomps of Eve of Destruction and Got To Keep On, to more acid infused bangers such as Free Yourself and MAH, we get track after track of classic Chems. Even the more sedate tracks don’t feel as much like fillers as they have on past albums.

Though they never really went away, let’s hope this album is the start of a renaissance rather than a last hurrah.

Listen on Spotify


Next up, number four


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