New Music Friday 19 April – What to listen to

Here’s hoping it’s a ‘Good Friday’ for new releases – natch. Hip-hop artist Loyle Carner releases the follow-up to his Mercury-nominated debut album, while Cage The Elephant and Stealing Sheep also look to have a bit about them. I’ll review and see if they’ve got any substance to their releases.

Spotify playlist at the bottom.

Loyle Carner – Not Waving, But Drowning

Listen on Spotify

Cage The Elephant – Social Cues

Listen on Spotify

Stealing Sheep – Big Wows

Listen on Spotify

Gang Of Four – Happy Now

Listen on Spotify

Fat White Family – Serfs Up!

Listen on Spotify

Leafcutter John – Yes! Come Parade With Us

Listen on Spotify

Heather Woods Broderick – Invitation

Listen on Spotify

Here’s a playlist of all of the above if you want to listen to this week’s selected new releases.


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