New Music Friday 22 February – What to listen to

Looking forward to some heavy post-punk guitars from Drenge this week, alongside a new album from Sleaford Mods and a bit of techno from Modeselektor, among others. I’ll pick out the best to review during the week and report back.

Drenge - Strange Creatures album cover

Drenge – Strange Creatures

Listen on Spotify

Sleaford Mods- Eton Alive album cover

Sleaford Mods– Eton Alive

Listen on Spotify

Modeselektor - Who Else album cover

Modeselektor – Who Else

Listen on Spotify

Teeth of the Sea - Wraith album cover

Teeth of the Sea – Wraith

Listen on Spotify

Feels - Post Earth album cover

Feels – Post Earth

Listen on Spotify

Du Blonde - Lung Bread For Daddy album cover

Du Blonde – Lung Bread For Daddy

Listen on Spotify

Pom Poko - Birthday album cover

Pom Poko – Birthday

Listen on Spotify

The Young Gods - Data Mirage Tangram album cover

The Young Gods – Data Mirage Tangram

Listen on Spotify

Desperate Journalist - In Search Of The Miraculous album cover

Desperate Journalist – In Search Of The Miraculous

Listen on Spotify

Gary Clark Jr. - This Land album cover

Gary Clark Jr. – This Land

Listen on Spotify

Snow Palms - Everything Ascending EP cover

Snow Palms – Everything Ascending (EP)

Listen on Spotify

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