2018 Music Review – December

As we head towards the end of the year, we enter a bit of a deadzone in terms of new music releases. There were still a few interesting pieces out there, but it really was slim pickings.

Top of the list was Aliment, with a blistering set of punk-rock anthems to counter the onslaught of Christmas cheese. Equally Ty Segall’s sixth album release of 2018 – this time with wife Denee Segall – also has some interesting moments of discordant rock.

Earl Sweatshirt and Brockhampton provide us with an RnB outro to 2018 and Beans on Toast’s tribute to becoming a father (and the dangers of having an omnipresent listening device in your house) also provides a lighter, folky touch to the month.

Overall, 2018 was a fantastic year for new music. Unfortunately December just wants a great representation of it.

1: Aliment – Brother

Standout track: Flesh and Gold

Listen on Spotify

2: The c.i.a. – The c.i.a.

Standout track: Fear

Listen on Spotify

3: Amor – Sinking into a Miracle

Standout track: Phantoms of the Sun

Listen on Spotify

4: Selling – On Reflection

Standout track: Keeping Txme

Listen on Spotify

5: Sophie – Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-insides

Standout track: Immaterial

Listen on Spotify

6: Beans on Toast – A Bird in the Hand

Standout track: Alexa

Listen on Spotify

7: Steve Kilbey – Sydney Rococo

Standout track: Sydney Rococo

Listen on Spotify

8: Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs

Standout track: Shattered Dreams

Listen on Spotify

9: Willard Grant Conspiracy – Untethered

Standout track: All We Have Left

Listen on Spotify

10: Brockhampton – Idridescence

Standout track: Berlin

Listen on Spotify

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