2018 Music Review – November

Some unusual and intriguing releases in November. Let’s start with Thought Gang, the jazz project of Twin Peaks collaborators David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. It’s as messed up as you would expect from these two but there’s just enough narrative in the music to keep it together (just).

Sun Kil Moon‘s jazz-blues-folk-rock effort This is My Dinner also sees vocalist Mark Kozelek employing a stream of consciousness approach throughout the tracks, which is for the most part, very enjoyable.

Most interesting of all was Slovenian industro avant-garde band Laibach‘s take on The Sound of Music (yes, that one). What could easily be dismissed as a novelty actually has some very interesting reworks of the very familiar tunes, and then suddenly goes off on a tangent about North Korea halfway through Maria/Korea from which it never returns. Still hugely entertaining.

A quick mention for The Prodigy. New album No Tourists doesn’t see them push any boundaries beyond the punk-rave genre they invented, but when it’s this good, who really cares.

Top pick this month, really shouldn’t be there. When I was compiling this review I had committed to making it about original albums. No live shows, no compliations, no reissues etc. But Robert Hood‘s DJ Kicks mix is just so damn good that it couldn’t be ignored. This is a classic slice of Detroit Techno that pushes all my buttons. As soon as you stick it on you’re transported to a sweaty all-night (possibly illegal) rave and you just don’t ever want it to stop. For me, this was everything that was joyous and hedonistic about music in my youth and I am clearly still mad for it.

Top 10 November 2018

1: Robert Hood – DJ Kicks

Standout track: Just listen to it all

Listen on Spotify

2: Laibach – The Sound of Music

Standout track: My Favorite Things

Listen on Spotify

3: Cuts – A Gradual Decline

Standout track: A Gradual Decline

Listen on Spotify

4: The Prodigy – No Tourists

Standout track: Tomebomb Zone

Listen on Spotify

5: Thought Gang – Thought Gang

Standout track: One Dog Bark

Listen on Spotify

6: Big Lad – Pro Rock

Standout track: Eating Food and Fighting Wizards

Listen on Spotify

7: audiobooks – Now! (in a minute)

Standout track: Dance Your Life Away

Listen on Spotify

8: Big Joanie – Sistahs

Standout track: Fall Asleep

Listen on Spotify

9: The LimiƱanas – I’ve Got Trouble In Mind Vol. 2

Standout track: The Mirror (feat. Kirk Lake)

Listen on Spotify

10: Sun Kil Moon – This Is My Dinner

Standout track: This Is Not Possible

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