2018 Music Review – July

July was a relatively quiet month compared to some of the stonkers that have gone before it, but there were still some delights to be had.

We had girl-punk from Negative Scanner, whose album Nose Picker wins my special award for most unpleasant cover of the month. A mention also has to be made of Ross From Friends. The artists house- flavoured album is almost as impressive and the band name

here was also some great indie-rock to be had from the likes of Talons, Asylums and Bodega. My pick of the guitar-based albums came from Breathe Panel. Their lighter, dreamier take on the genre suited the mood of a balmy summer down to a tee.

I’ll happily admit that Jamaican Dancehall had largely passed me by as a musical area of interest, but K.O. by Miss Red is an album of truly epic proportions and one to really break out of a pigeon hole.

Top 10 July 2018

1: Miss Red – K.O.

Standout track: Come Slay

Listen on Spotify

2: Breathe Panel – Breathe Panel

Standout track: On My way

Listen on Spotify

3: Bodega – Endless Scroll

Standout track: Jack in Titanic

Listen on Spotify

4: Ross From Friends – FamilyPortrait

Standout track: Project Cybersyn

Listen on Spotify

5: Asylums – Alien Human Emotions

Standout track: When We Wake Up

Listen on Spotify

6: Talons – We All Know

Standout track: The Drowning

Listen on Spotify

7: Negative Scanner – Nose Picker

Standout track: History Lesson

Listen on Spotify

8: Tanukichan – Sundays

Standout track: Perfect

Listen on Spotify

9: Ben Chatwin – Staccato Signals

Standout track: Silver Pit

Listen on Spotify

10: Deaf Wish – Lithium Zion

Standout track: FFS

Listen on Spotify


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