You lucky, lucky people

About twelve months ago, I underwent what must have been a minor mid-life crisis. I started running, finally got round to trying to learn to play the guitar and promised to expose myself (ahem) to new musical experiences.

As with most resolutions, your dedication to them fades as time passes. The ridiculosly early starts for running finally got to me and I’m not picking up my axe as often as I should if I’m going to learn more than six chords.

One thing that did stick was listening new music. A subscription to spotify has helped massively, as has the latest releases newsletter from the brilliant local indie record shop Resident.

New Music Friday has become a weekly pleasure, trawling through all the latest releases to find hidden and not-so-hidden gems. It’s been quite an eye-opener for me. New releases from bands I’d previously revered often struggled to make my list of weekly favourites, while artists I’d never heard of before suddenly replaced them as my go-to listening. 

As we approach the end of the year, it seems only fair that I share my discoveries with you lucky people. All of it is worth a listen – whether you’ve heard of the artists before, or haven’t the foggiest about them. Blimey, there’s even some jazz in there, which probably surprised me more than anyone else.

So buckle up, as over the course of the next couple of weeks I take you through my month-by-month musical review of the year, culminating in the big reveal of my album of the year. It’ll be a fun ride I promise.

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