2018 Music Review – January

January started with a bang – in the sense that a lot a bands favouring loud, distorted guitars decided to get out of the blocks early in 2018.  January didn’t produce a deluge of albums to pick from, those that did packed an enormous punch.

We had the catchy, twangy guitars of Shopping, the alt-rock growling of Shame, the psyche-laden riffs of Prettiest Eyes and the unashamedly power-pop-punk of Marmozets  (lead singer Rebecca Macintyre channeling Transvision Vamp’s Wendy James marvellously). These bands proved that loud punk-laced rock still has relevance in a age of auto-tuned RnB.

But the early contender for my album of the year came from another place entirely. German composer Nils Frahm’s All Melody is a stunning blend of neo-classical piano artistry, beautifully desolate electronicawith a touch of smoky late night jazz bars. This took me aback when I first heard it and, after repeated listening, it still blows me away.

Top 10 January 2018

1: Nils Frahm – All Melody

Standout track: Sunson

Listen on Spotify

2: Shopping – The Official Body

Standout track: Asking for a Friend

Listen on Spotify

3: Shame – Songs of Praise

Standout track: Lampoon

Listen on Spotify

4: No Age – Snares Like a Haircut

Standout track: Popper

Listen on Spotify

5: Prettiest Eyes – Pools

Standout track: A Sweet Song

Listen on Spotify

6: Marmozets – Knowing What you Know Now

Standout track: Lost in Translation

Listen of Spotify

7: The Limiñanas – Shadow People

Standout track: Shadow People

Listen on Spotify

8: Arrows of Love – Product: Your Soundtrack To The Impending Societal Collapse

Standout track: Signal

Listen on Spotify

9: Starcrawler – Starcrawler

Standout track: Love’s Gone Again

Listen on Spotify

10: Dirtmusic – Bu Bir Ruya

Standout track: Bi De Sen Soyle

Listen on Spotify


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